a logical information aide

alia law office


  • The multi-user program is table-driven, which means that it can be customized for your office.
  • The database contains client information including contact data for client and spouse, services provided and dates of service.
  • Information about Fiduciaries and Beneficiaries and any other parties associated with the client can be documented.
  • Unlimited notes related to the client can be added.
  • Client folder is automatically created when a client is added and all documents are stored in the folder.
  • Groups can be defined for reporting and communication. Clients can be associated with multiple groups.
  • Clients can be billed a flat rate or hourly with a minimum.
  • Tasks can be automatically created when a client is entered.
  • Client tasks can be assigned to different people and/or different rates.
  • Time logs can be created directly from task lists.
  • Invoices can be generated from time logs.
  • Mileage and expense logs can be maintained and optionally billed to a client.
  • Document templates are Microsoft Word documents that are easily created to use any information in the system.
  • No limit to the number of document types or document templates.
  • Conflict check.
  • Multiple reports are available for information on clients, tasks, time and billing.
  • Database and documents use the Microsoft Office programs.


Alia law software was designed for an estate planning and probate law practice. The initial emphasis was on document creation, including wills, trust documents, state forms and spreadsheets. alia document creation is more than a simple mail-merge function.

In addition, alia includes task management, time logs and invoicing. Alia allows a small law office to save time on administrative tasks and have more time for the business of the law practice.

Offices often have a database or spreadsheet with client information, a program for task management, a system for invoicing and then use cut and paste for document preparation. alia combines all of these tasks into one interconnected database system.

With alia, we work with you to set up the program to meet your needs. We provide training and support. We want to be your partner to help your business.